Who is a construction expert witness?

A construction expert witness has extensive knowledge and expertise about the construction industry. An expert witness’s opinion will help to strengthen a case and shed light on building delays, codes and compliance, construction costs, and construction defects. Experts will also discuss issues relating to contracts, financing, insurance and building processes. A good construction expert witness will be able to explain complicated construction facts in simple terms that can be understood by a jury.

Experts are hired when a project faces claims involving contract law, torts, and property law. According Lyle Charles Consulting: Most construction claims will involve multiple parties and cases can involve deaths, injuries and health concerns due to mold exposure, faulty designs or delays in a project.

When choosing a construction expert witness, it is best to speak to a reputed construction services firm that has a panel of construction expert witnesses. When hiring your expert witness look at if your expert has qualifications and experience that matches your case. The person you choose should also be able to explain complex issues in simple terms to a jury that may have little or no knowledge about construction and the legalities attached.

Once you have selected your construction expert witness, it is important that he/ she understands all aspects of the project, the claim, and the case. Make sure your construction team offers all related information to ensure that your construction expert witness can address all issues and answer questions when placed in front of a jury.