Two Ways to Use your Interior Doors as Decorations for the Holidays

Holiday-Ready-RoomsArticle by Wa Paint.

Around this time every year, families begin booking tickets, kids begin studying for finals, and homeowners begin worrying about the state of their homes for the pending gifts. November and December are some of the busiest months of the year; it can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be.

While others are prepping for a holiday, the host is always left to do the real preparations. You want to make sure your home creates the atmosphere worthy of the holiday. Aside from the usual or traditional decorations, we have two quick ways to spruce up your home without a significant investment of time or resources.

  1. Paint Your Doors. Painting walls can be time-consuming and messy, but a quick coat of paint on your interior doors is a quick way to brighten your home and if you’re daring enough, add a bit of color to rooms. We recommend interior doors as the climate is going to more accommodating that the fluctuating or plain cold temperatures outside. If you live in a warm climate, you are free to consider painting your exterior doors. Just be sure to check with your home improvement store to ensure you are using the correct paint given the weather.
  2. Decorate your Door. This is going beyond the classic wreaths or ornament hanging. What if you could recreate the magic of holiday celebrations past by using your door as a montage of images? Pick an interior door, and then the interior side of that door, say the inside of your child’s bedroom. Then select images that you believe will remind your loved one of their favorite holiday celebration. Maybe it’s a favorite present, or the year you went on a trip instead of staying at home. Whatever the memory, find pictures and select a frame large enough to hold the images that can also be hung on a door. You can even do multiple frames attached together vertically to illustrate holiday celebrations over time. However you choose to display the images, your friends and family are sure to spend a bit more time in their rooms reliving amazing memories.

The Holidays are a time of thankfulness and celebration. Sprucing up your home or apartment for guests is one way of showing your gratitude for their lives, pulling together pictures from the past holidays is another. The interior doors of your home are great mediums upon which your love and gratitude can be communicated.