Tips to Increase the Air Quality of Your Home

Article Written by : Furniture Your Way 

air-duct-cleaningIf you’re not careful, there are a number of hazards in the home that can reduce the quality of air in your rooms. Fortunately, almost all of these hazards are preventable with methods you can do yourself. Although you may have to call a professional for mold, a 3M filtrete filter will remove most allergens from the air. This list is designed to help you identify the source of the issue, find out how to fix it, and ultimately improve the air quality of your home.

Identify the Source

The first thing you need to do is identify exactly where the source of the problem is. Anything biological is usually traced back to something that was once living. Mold, for instance, can live below a kitchen sink or inside your plant pots. You may also have radon or asbestos in the house, leftover from original construction projects. If there is a smoker in the home, secondhand smoke could be the culprit. You may also suffer from allergens related to pets.


Once you’ve identified the source,
figure out ways to improve your situation. For example, try running the stove vent if you breathe heavily in the kitchen. Inspect your 3M air filter, and replace it if it’s old or dirty. You may also be able to clear the room if you open a window.

There are also steps you can take outside the home that might affect the quality of the air inside. For example, rain gutters can harbor spores that can spread to your roof or your attic. You may also call a professional in to inspect your home, as there may be issues with paint or insulation that are not immediately apparent to the untrained eye.

Improve Ventilation

Once you’ve found and begun to deal with the problem, your next step is to improve ventilation in the home. It can be as simple as opening a window, but check your ventilation system as well. You might have vents blocked or clogged. This would prevent adequate air flow. 3M furnace filters are also just as prone to clogging as the basic air filter, so replace these every three months or so to prevent harmful buildup.

Reduce Impurities

The final tip is to cut down on potential impurities in the home. Smokers, for instance, can smoke outside to cut down on pollutants in the house. Pets should be kept well groomed and brushed frequently to reduce dander, and it’s best to remove clutter and dust frequently. Finally, be sure to dry and clean up any wet spots in the home. Especially in carpet, where mold can grow freely below the threading.