Tips for Making Your Yard More Inviting

Summary: Let your guests know that they are welcome by having an inviting front yard. The neater it is, the better the first impression is from your visitors and neighbors.

The first thing people see when they visit is your front yard. What do you want their first impression to be? Hopefully that your home is well-kept and inviting. Here are some tips to make sure your visitors’ first thoughts are good ones.

Keep Your Plants Clean

If you have a front lawn, make sure the grass is trimmed and neat. Consider installing artificial turf since it does not grow and never dies. A well-kept lawn is a great indicator that the interior of the home is also well-kept. So make sure your hedges and any flowers you plant are taken care of as well. You would never want new guests to see a neglected and dying garden the first time the visit.

Make It Stand Out

Add some color to your yard with pretty flowers, garden statues or gnomes, or even by adding furniture. Having a colorful front yard shows that you live a life full of vibrancy and excitement. It tells people that you want them to come visit and that you will welcome them with open arms and wonderful hospitality. The colors and comfortable furniture will even provoke guests to want to spend their visit outdoors, keeping them from dirtying the inside and making it easier to clean up – no sweeping necessary!

Since your front yard is the first thing people see, make sure it tells them that you are put together and inviting. An messy yard tends to draw people away, even if the inside is stunning. Unless you want zero visitors, keep your yard clean.

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