The Most Common Construction Claims

Working in the construction industry, especially if you’re a general contractor, subcontractor, owner or supplier, can cause sleepless nights worrying about construction claims. These disputes are time-consuming, complicated and typically involve multiple parties. Effective construction claims management is critical to keeping projects on-time and on-budget.

Certain types of construction claims are seen repeatedly. Identifying the general type of legal dispute aids in a fuller understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities, critical when dealing with construction claim preparation. This insight is important whether you’re defending a claim or considering legal action against another.

  • Contract errors or omissions are often related to rejected or unapproved contract changes and change orders.
  • Differing site conditions and site inspections clauses require extreme vigilance – expect the unexpected says Lyle Charles Consulting.
  • Lack of contract compliance can result from many factors, including misunderstanding, fraud, greed, an overzealous interpretation of the contract or an improperly administered contract.
  • Incomplete, unsubstantiated or poorly drafted claims are commonly found in late or over budget projects and linked to quality issues with clients.

Bringing in construction consulting services as early members of the team will save you a lot of headaches and help keep the project running smoothly. A well-designed check and balance system, for example, can ensure that change orders are reasonable and conform to building codes and standards, eliminating many potential claims at the outset. A professional with hands-on experience will save you time and money by managing dispute resolution, letting you do your job more efficiently.