The Keys to Decorating a Small Living Room

Summary: Small living rooms shouldn’t be considered inferior to a larger, more imposing living room. There are a variety of ways that you can decorate a small space.

Small living room ideas tend to revolve around visual tricks to make the area appear larger than it is. These strategies can not only transform an area that feels claustrophobic into one that feels spacious, but it can also make the room more aesthetically pleasing. By decorating your furniture and adding little bits here and there, you can make a huge impact on how your living room will look and feel.

Mirrors Add Depth

Designers like to add mirrors and place them in a strategic location to make a room feel larger. One of the more common ideas is to hang a large mirror in the central location of the room to create a focal point for guests. Another idea would be to position a mirror across from a window, so it can reflect the view to provide an illusion of a secondary mirror.

Utilize Lightweight Furniture

Consider the visual weight when shopping for furniture items or accessories. What this means is take a close look at the perceived weight of the object based on its size and color. Some items tend to have a lightweight appearance while heavier ones tend to weigh a space down – which you can easily differentiate once you see the item with the naked eye. If you’re looking to keep your old furniture pieces and instead revamp it like finding a foam replacement for a couch or repainting a chair, be sure that it fits the mood of the room.

Vertical Dimension

Every room has a horizontal dimension and a vertical dimension. If your living room has a high ceiling, take advantage of this by decorating it in such a way that it commands attention. For instance, you can arrange a series of small artworks that compliment that custom foam couch that you purchased at The Foam Factory. Or, you can use floor-to-ceiling drapes to give your living room added depth.