Quick patio umbrella buying guide

Patio umbrellas are an important addition to any outdoor space. They provide shelter and add style to your patio. Avoid any issues and dramas by avoiding cheap umbrellas and invest in a quality outdoor umbrella like Treasure Garden Umbrellas. Here is a quick guide on how to pick one:

Size – The size depends on several factors like the size of the table, the area you intend to cover, how it matches the rest of the space, and even your budget. The worst thing is when you end up with an oversized umbrella. Avoid this by sticking to the following rule: your umbrella should extend two feet beyond each side of the table.

Height – The height of the umbrella is just as important. In most cases, a pole height of at least seven feet should be more than enough. Seven feet has enough clearance for taller individuals and is low enough to provide shade during the day.

Base – Without a heavy enough base, there is a danger of your umbrella flopping around in the wind and even falling. There are suggested weights for different sizes. Check with the vendor and get the correct weighted patio umbrella base.

Types – There are several types of umbrellas: Tilting, Cantilever, Free-standing, and table. The type will depend on how you plan on using it and personal preference. There are a lot of other options for each type. Wicker Paradise, for example, has custom-made, handcrafted umbrellas with the latest color and fabric trends.