Options for Designing a Front Door

entry-door-ideas-designArticle by Wa Paint.

A front door says quite a bit about the family or professionals who inhabit the interior space. With advance planning, it’s possible to design and personalize your front door. Alternatively, a craftsman can translate personalized plans into the finished product. Either way, the finished product is a one-of-a-kind front door that reflects the designer. According to Alan Jefferis, the front door is one of the best ways to customize the design of a home. Start with measuring tape, pencils, and a sketch pad:


First, think about your home’s theme. The door can blend with the neighborhood or demonstrate individuality. Think about whether the door should reflect the individual or family living there or if design features (such as an ultra-modern theme) are most important. This decision may require some thought and discussion.

According to Jefferis, many homes are bungalow, ranch, craftsman, or contemporary themed-spaces. The door should complement the overall home theme and shouldn’t detract from the harmonious appearance.


Most front doors are about three feet wide but, when designing a front door, make sure to measure the exact space with care. Since you’re designing a door and not merely copying a prefabricated item, feel free to add or experiment with extras. For instance, the door can include a window (above or within the door itself). Draw the door to scale and mark the exact inches between the door and window, or the space into which the window will appear in your design.


There are many ways to use color in a door design. For example, use two colors (contrast or complementary) to soften or sharpen the effects. Color the door exactly as you imagine it on the sketch pad, and measure the precise band of color, borders, etc., so that you can implement them when bringing your front door design to life.