Musical Gifts for Aspiring DJs

 Blog provided by Curacao

The modern disc jockey lives for the art of mixing tracks and creating unique playlists. If you know someone who loves performing as a DJ, here are some gifts they can put to good use.

Pioneer DJ Smart DJ Controller


If you know an aspiring DJ who is new to mixing tracks, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 is an intuitive, beginner-friendly smart DJ controller that connects to mobile devices for easy access to your iTunes playlist.

Chauvet DJ Moonflower Strobe Light

No one enjoys a dull, uninspiring DJ performance, so add some excitement to your setlist with a strobe LED light from Chauvet DJ. Use lighting for an energetic, stimulating atmosphere on the dance floor.

Novation Launchpad


For DJs experienced with Ableton Live software, the Novation Launchpad is one of the most helpful MIDI grid controllers for performing live. The Novation Launchpad Mini is a more portable, affordable version of this device that still packs a punch.

Korg Kaoss Pad


The Korg Kaoss Pad is one of the most versatile and user-friendly samplers for adding sounds and effects to your DJ setlist. Swiping and tracing the pad’s control interface feels satisfying and convenient during your performances.

DJ Turntables


Every DJ needs a good turntable for spinning and scratching records. Check Amazon for a list of DJ turntables at varying price ranges.

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