Indonesian Rattan Goes International

Article Written by : Green Party US

Rattan is the product come from the Asia especially Indonesia that has many function in people’s life, from now on, when people try to replace the use of wood, many people turn to this material since the wood become rare. The use of wood in housing furniture attracts the practice of illegal logging. 80% of the rattan product come from Indonesia which is this is the country that lies many of beautiful heritage and can produce this exotic furniture material in big amount. Many of Indonesian business run in this sector. Rattan nature is the beautiful strong fiber that can be processed in to a very luxury ornament and furniture. The raw rattan material can be collected from the traditional farmer in Indonesia. Nowadays, people are love to use something luxurious, glam but is does not always expensive. This rattan material can be the solution. Go on to the to looking for the best rattan cra
ftsmen to make your occupancy comfort and luxury without making more spending in expensive one.

There are many kind of the rattan that can be use. The most simple are “synthetic wicker chair” and “synthetic wicker”, this product is simply use for the daily sitting chair and they are no need to be as glamorous as possible as long as it is a comfort simple chair, people will like it.  Compare to the “aluminum frame” and “all weather synthetic”, the rattan still domination the market, because this product can be as strong as the wood or metal. When you choose to buy “synthetic wicker furniture sets” and “synthetic furniture sets”, make sure that it will provide a home atmosphere that match to your housing concept.

The rattan that can be using around the “wicker rattan furniture” and “synthetic rattan furniture”, this is one of the rattan products that become favorite most because of its wicker model that not all the craftsmen can do. When one can make a wicker, it is not always the same result to the professional maker. The perfect wicker producer can make the craft strong, neat and as unique as possible. This uniqueness will provide the special style of each craftsman. There are also the “outdoor wicker furniture” and “outdoor woven furniture”, an outside area use of rattan furniture. This is can create the comfort feeling to anyone who sees this craft in the outside of your house to make other people comfort to stay close to you.