How to Keep Your Wicker Furniture Looking Brand New

Summary: Maintaining outdoor seating areas can be tough, especially with changing weather and the various seasons. That’s why people tend to choose wicker furniture for their patios and porches. It looks great and is easy to maintain.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning furniture is not everyone’s favorite pastime. Luckily, outdoor wicker furniture withstands changing weathers, so you will only have to clean it occasionally.

A small vacuum gets most of the dust off the surface. For anything stuck in the crevices, use a short, stiff paintbrush or an air duster to clean it out. A wire brush should get any rust off, if needed.

Once all the loose dirt is gone, use liquid detergent and a damp sponge to wash the furniture. Use as much of the foam as possible and avoid soaking the wicker. Add a little bleach to the water if there is any mildew, and remember to wear gloves to protect your hands. Rinse the furniture by using a spray bottle filled with clean water. Let it dry and your wicker is ready for use or repairs.

Is it Repairable?

Once your wicker furniture is clean, check to see if there are any damages. You may just need a new coat of paint, but sometimes you’ll have to replace the strand. If you are repainting it, get some spray paint in the color you want and spray it with back and forth strokes for even coverage. Paint it indoors to avoid the outside dust and insects, but only if there is enough ventilation inside.

You might have to glue loose strands down, or even replace strands completely. You can find these replacements at craft or furniture stores like Michaels or Wicker Paradise. Soak the strips so they are easy to work with, then weave it to replace the broken strand. Glue it down at the end and you are good to go!