How to Create a Theme For Your House

Summary: Establishing a theme for your house is an easy way to make it feel more cohesive.

When you move into a new house one of the first things you will likely do is unpack and begin to fill up the various rooms. Finding a place for each item is an important step you should be mindful about but before you even begin to designate items to specific rooms, you could benefit from brainstorming first.

Interior design is a rather abstract concept that can mean something different to each person you ask. Ten people might approach decorating a room in ten different ways. What is important is that you find design elements that speak to you and could work in your house.

Research and Explore

Getting started with interior design can be a daunting task but simply researching can take you far. Read into basic design principles and how different people handle the task of laying out a room. Just by familiarizing yourself with some of the rudimentary concepts and seeing how some of the more experienced designers work with them can give you a good starting point. An RV bedding might initially seem like a bad fit for a television room but the right elements could make it work.


After you have done some research you can move on to the fun part. If you decided on a particular theme you would like to try or if you have chosen elements from a number of design styles, then you can start to apply these concepts to your own furniture. Find a cushion from The Foam Factory that adds to your room and enhances the overall vibe you are going for.