Heated Floors: The Luxury in Your Home

Article Written by : Home Improvement Plus Perks

floorheatingImagine a wintery morning. Look out the window and the world is covered in white with the sparkle of rising sunshine. However, it’s been a pretty cold night. And though the heating system in the house has worked adequately, there is still the dread of walking onto the bathroom’s cold tiled floor. And yet, from the first step, your cold toes are met with a soothing warmth that chases away the winter chill. There’s no standing outside of a shower, waiting for the water to warm, while shivering in the morning’s cold. From the engineering miracle of radiant floor heating, you are walking on luxury. And yet, most people have the idea that it may cost a fortune to have this device installed in a home. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A few things to think about if you may be considering heated floors. Number one, the cost may be balanced by a reduced heating bill. Yes, it is true that floor heat can become an alternative climate control source. In addition, the installation can usually be accomplished in a day or two with a minimum of hassle. And if folks have any sort of experience working with tile, laying floor heating coils is just one more step which would add very little time tile in installing a tile floor. And finally, the cost of heating coils are fairly inexpensive. With all of the above in mind, this remarkable device can be available to virtually any home owner. You can have this miracle for your very own.

Considering the benefits and the relatively small cost, it may be surprising that floor heating isn’t a standard feature of modern homes. However, the reason for this may be a lack of understanding of how convenient and inexpensive floor heating can be. Ask any of your neighbors or friends and you’ll discover how few folks even realize that heated tiled floors even exist. And if and when it does exist, that is only found in the homes of rich and upper class. However, as previously stated, this technology can be available to all.

Now that you have an understanding of how easy it is to install and maintain floor heating, you must admit that the thought of having this in your home becomes more appealing. This isn’t just a feature of the rich and wealthy. It is available to all home owners at a very reasonable price. It’s your house. You bought it. You maintain it. You live in it. And you deserve every luxury that can come with it.