Great design options for commercial mailboxes

Summary: We are no longer limited to the beige and grey mailbox colors of old. There are a variety of colors, finishes, and accessories for every kind of commercial mailboxes.

One of the great things about modern mailbox design is that we are no longer limited to the old grey or beige mailboxes. You can now select from a wide variety of colors and designs for commercial mailboxes along with accessories that add utility and design.

Cluster Box Units (CBU) now come in a variety of colors. There are as many as six colors, one of which should match the design aesthetic of the residential or business unit. You can get everything from a black finish to a dark bronze or even a unique forest green. You can also customize the CBU further with mailbox numbers as well as flourishes to the roof and post.

There are also options for commercial apartment mailboxes. You can get bronze, dark bronze, antique copper, forest green, blonde gold, gold speck, and black. There is also a silver speck finish that is available for select models. Just like the CBU, you can get mailbox numbers in different styles to suit the color and design of the apartment block.

There is one other option for commercial mailboxes which is the ability to add trash and recycling bins to the unit. You can get the trash and recycling units in the same finish as the mailbox to match the design. Tenants can now dispose of mail directly without taking it with them.

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