Different Options to Consider for Your Floor Medallions

Article Written by : Viv Artificial Grass

walnut_wengeIf you’ve decided on a floor medallion for your home, you probably already understand how beautiful they can be and how much better they can make your floor look. But make sure you consider all your options when it comes to not just materials, but the design. Keep reading for some of the many options you should consider for your floor medallion.

Floor medallions come in a wide array of shapes. One very popular variety is the compass medallion. It’s a circular shape, often with a thick border. Inside this circle are triangles representing the different directions of a compass and often four more that represent the compromised directions (i.e., southeast, northwest, etc.).

Another option many people seem to like are floral patterns. They can be fairly simple or exceedingly complex. Floral medallions look great outside, in your porch or in a room with a lot of windows.

Lastly, consider a custom design. Some people elect to have the letter of their last name put into the medallion. You might have a family crest that can be mimicked in a medallion.

There are no shortage of materials you can use either. A marble floor medallion is always a safe bet, but don’t forget mosaic tile. Hardwood can also be a rare option that will really pop when contrasted with the rest of the floor.

Floor medallions are a unique choice in and of themselves. But don’t forget to look into the many ways you can further customize it for your home.