Different mailbox styles

Summary: Your mailbox is the first thing anyone will when they approach your home. There are three main types of mailboxes: mounted, curbside, and recessed.

One of the first impression anyone will get from your home is your mailbox. Here are some of the different types and styles of mailboxes:

As important as it is to choose the right mailbox with one that matches your style and needs, there are other factors for you to consider. The first is the durability and maintenance of the mailbox. The ideal mailbox should be low-maintenance and should last years, even with the extreme weather.

When it comes to type, there are three main classes of mailboxes: mounted, curbside, and recessed.

Curbside mailboxes are the traditional type you will see outside most homes. Even curbside comes in different flavors: traditional, decorative, and novelty. Other features will determine some of the other options such as locking mailboxes, newspaper holders, and dual-access.

You will find a mounted mailbox near the front door or entry to a house. People choose mounted mailboxes when they want the mailbox to match the style of the house. Mounted mailboxes come with the same options as curbside.

Consider using a recessed column mailboxes when you want the mailbox to blend in with the surroundings. Some of the same options such a locking apply to recessed mailboxes in addition to sizes that can accommodate parcels.

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