Avoiding Extremely Costly Litigation in Construction

litigation-in-constructionOne of the things construction consultants live by is that it’s not possible to stop every claim, because accidents happen and there are many situations that are outside your control. There are, however, methods you can use to reduce costly litigation or claims from occurring. By taking some precautions on the site, you’ll stand a reduced chance of paying more than you need to in order to settle a claim.

Be Safe

One of the most common jobs in construction claims analysis is also one of the easiest to avoid problems with. Settling claims related to injury are quite expensive, so every precaution should be take to ensure personnel on site are protecting themselves and eachother. Routinely review the site to make sure employees are following safety protocol, and not skipping portions of it to expedite the work. Efficiency is important, but not at the expense of an injury.

Don’t Cut Corners

Verify every shipment of steel that comes in with a structural steel expert. Even more costly than injury claims are lawsuits from cheap materials used when a problem goes wrong. If the building collapses because the steel was cheap, you’re looking at a major lawsuit. Big enough to potentially shut your operation down entirely.

Don’t cut corners! It’s not worth the price you will eventually pay when things go wrong.

Quality Control

The final tip is to create a system of quality control on site, so you can verify the building is erected according to specs and permits. Make sure all paperwork is carefully documented, and create a foolproof filing system in case you ever need to prove your claim in court.

Lyle Charles Consulting performs construction claims analysis for commercial construction projects, and provides mediation and claim preparation to expedite disputes.