4 Ways to Make More Space At Home

creativeMaking more space in your home can be a challenge that requires a bit of thinking. Of course, in some cases, you make to ‘hire’ more space or even others where you can buy some. But before you consider these options, you can actually make room for more.

Here are 4 ways to make more space when you need it:

1: Kitchen Cupboards

Of course, when you open a cupboard, you have extra space. But that’s not all. Even the cupboard door can be used too. You can use it to hang your shopping lists right after you paint it black. Apart from this, you can add hooks as well as measuring spoons too. Best part: they will be in reach.

2: Bedside Table

You can move it off the floor and then mount a simple nightstand on the wall. With this free space, you can add a basket where you can place your magazines or use this space to keep your shoes. Of course, the space below the nightstand will offer that ‘optical illusion’ of additional space.

3: Hot Water Heater

Opt for a tankless water heater that will provide you water when necessary and never runs out. Apart from this, you’ll get more space and a heater that will do a better job than your old water heater too. It will last longer and will require less maintenance too.

4: Bathroom Shower Curtain

You might like your bathroom shower curtain and that’s absolutely fine. Apart from providing cover, you can either buy a shower curtain with pockets or even add a few yourself with contrasting material that is appealing. Ensure you make the pockets deep enough to place several items and which include items such as shampoo, razor, makeup or even soap bottles.